Learn API Development with Rails 5

Modern web applications have to deliver interactivity and options that server-rendered HTML just can’t provide. With more clients being written in JavaScript and native mobile technologies, we need backend applications that speak the web’s new bridge — JSON.

As a Rails developer, your experience gives you a head start when it comes to developing API applications, but to be effective, you need to learn to apply your skills to a new set of problems. This course will help you make the jump with complete confidence.

Topics covered:
RESTful Resources  •  Authentication  •  Serialization
Endpoint Testing  •  Design Patterns

Power Your Apps and Integrations
with RESTful Services

Are you building a mobile app? Do you need to open up integrations for partner applications? If it’s time to break out of the monolith, this course will help you understand the basics of coding and testing new REST-based endpoints for your server-side application.

Secure Your API and Limit
Access to Sensitive Data

The ability to verify the identity of your users is essential to most Rails applications, but the constraints placed on APIs force us to look beyond the techniques used in traditional Rails apps. This course compares three authentication models popular with API developers to show how and when it’s right to apply each one.

Design Interfaces That Are
Built to Last

Developing a stable API is only 20% a matter of writing good code. The other 80% is a question of making good design decisions and applying them consistently throughout your application. By studying some of the most common design problems and looking at patterns to solve them, you’ll learn tools that will serve you on future projects.

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