Your business pipeline depends on a steady stream of the latest information about relevant government bid opportunities, but most of the tools for finding them feel outdated and amateurish. They waste your time by making you scroll through page after page of results that don’t interest you just to find the one opportunity that you do. Or they force you to waste time entering and re-entering combinations of keywords just to narrow the results down to a manageable list.

You’re paid to seek out opportunities, not to try to outsmart search engines. Opportunity discovery is what fills your sales funnel, and you need a tool speaks your language to streamline and simplify business development. How much easier would your job be if you had technology at your disposal that would meet you halfway? Technology that could personalize your searches? Technology that could sort results based on your preferences and past selections? That technology is about to arrive.

BetterFBO is being designed from the ground up to provide you with something better. Building on a core of government procurement data, it will provide a modern solution for federal business opportunities discovery that beats and other commercial market intelligence solutions. The goal is to present you with the opportunities most worth your time so that you can make better plans and more sales with less work.

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